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The technical advantages of the Brikston brick facade are amazing:

Resistance No matter how big the area clad in brick, facade does not get damaged and they don't suffer.

Freeze-thaw resistance Even in congested water condition, the brick facade holds up to 100 cycles of freeze-thaw"

Resistance to external factors Brick façade is produced from a special blend of ceramic materials, burned at a temperature of 1000 ° C. Excellent resistance to external factors, over the period of the autumn-winter season.

Sustainability over time The brick holds up over time, dozens or even hundreds of years without being replaced. The facades resist even in hostile environments or under conditions of exposure from contact with chemicals.

Low water absorption CThe bricks front Brikston has a small capacity of absorption of water, so it has a high resistance to freeze-thaw.

Thermal comfort Allow the use of insulation with natural ventilation.

Soundproofing Deafening system ensures mass-spring-mass.

Easy maintenance The façade does not lose color over the years, does not require any partial or total replacement or any other maintenance operation, as in the case of plaster.

Allows water vapor diffusion The walls breathe so the appearance of mould on the inside is avoided and the health of the whole family is assured.

The eco-friendly material Brikston façade bricks is made from is 100% natural. In the manufacturing process using just clay, water, fire, air and passion.

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