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Masonry manufacturers forced to increase prices

Published in Evenimentul

The Romanian brick market will stagnate in 2011, and manufacturers will be forced to increase prices by 5-10% in the following period, given that construction materials prices rose earlier this year, as did fuel and gas prices. According to Brikston company, the former Ceramica Iasi, construction materials’ prices began to increase in early 2011, as a result of higher costs of imported raw materials and utilities. These increases have affected the market of paints and coatings, and the masonry market was no exception. Also, fuel prices went up 10% and they continue to grow, followed by gas prices rising 10-15%, negatively influencing transport prices and production costs. "The decrease in the population’s purchasing power caused users to resort to the cheapest construction materials, which aren’t always the safest. We are definitely concerned about our customers’ safety and will advocate the removal from the market of poor quality products that do not meet current requirements, “said Iulian Mangalagiu, general manager of Brikston.