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BRIKSTON moved to new house

Published on 12.04.2012 \ Download article

Brikston Construction Solutions Iasi is developing a new online platform for the company's official website: This electronic interface is presented in an entirely new format, which considerably facilitates browsing and access to full information in the field of building materials as well as construction in general and brings an extra information as to what is important to know about building and giving personality to your house. 

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CERAMICA IASI is the only brick manufacturer in Romania with 3 management system certificates

Published on 14.03.2012 \ Download article

Ceramica Iasi is one of the leading construction materials manufacturers in Romania, it received the Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS), in accordance with the standard SR OHSAS 18001:2008.

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CERAMICA Iasi defies the crisis

Published on 14.02.2012 \ Download article

Ceramica Iasi has registered a turnover greater than that of 2008. Given the fact that in the period 2008 - 2011 masonry market fell by 37% in volume and 64% in value, Ceramica has managed to grow revenues in 2011 at a value of more than 65.6 million lei (about 15.5 million euros) surpassing the one in 2008, the beggining year of the economic crisis.

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Brikston launches the Red House program

Published on 11.07.2011 \ Download article

Brikston launches Red House, a program that provides a range of free consulting services for those who wish to build a house, such as the recommendation of a designer, the optimal price, transport included, national distribution, technical support, demonstrations on the spot or site management. Also, this program allows online access to a customized software that computes accurately the amount of products necessary to realise a given project, as well as the total cost of the materials. Thus, end-users know exactly how much brick to buy and how much it costs, avoiding additional costs and keeping the budget under control, straight from the design stage.

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CERAMICA Iasi launches BRAC ceramics

Published on 31.05.2011 \ Download article

Ceramica Iasi announces the launch of the most innovative product of the company: the new masonry material BRAC. The name BRAC is strong and full of meaning, being the result of a combination of terms: Brick and AAC (brick and autoclaved concrete). Thus, clients and all potential consumers can immediately spot the most important benefits resulting from the use of BRAC: BRAC is resistant, easy and productive because it combines the most important qualities of bricks and porous concrete.

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The strongest brick in Romania, available now in the Republic of Moldova

Published on 04.04.2011 \ Download article

Ceramica Iasi brings to the Republic of Moldova the most complex brick in the construction industry, Brikston. The new concept is counted among the most important names in this field and reunites the most important qualities required by a brick used in construction: strength, low thermal conductivity and manoeuvrability. Tests have shown that Brikston is up to 4 times stronger than the law requires in Romania and can sustain the weight of an entire house.

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Ceramica Iasi launches BRIKSTON, the strongest brick in Romania

Published on 19.09.2008 \ Download article

Iasi, September 19th – Ceramica Iasi officially launched the new brand Brikston, in front of a large audience consisting of architects, civil engineers, distributors, business partners and journalists.

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Ceramica Iasi builds a new factory

Published on 23.05.2008 \ Download article

Ceramica Iasi continues the series of investments, aiming to become a leader on its market segment. The company will triple its current production capacity in the following period. The investment program amounts to 45 million euro, amount approved in the latest Meeting of the Shareholders, on March 27th, 2008.

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Ambitious plans for Ceramica Iasi

Published on 24.10.2007 \ Download article

The new majority shareholder of Ceramica S.A. Iasi is determined to become a market leader in the field. Advent International, one of the largest equity managers on the Romanian market, has been controlling 66% of the company’s total package of shares since July 2007.

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