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Flat ceramic tile

The quality of the clay and the easy fitting gives Alpha 10 STE FOY flat tile the features of a top product. 

HP 10 Huguenot flat ceramic tile is modern, elegant and easy to fit. 

The main advantages of the HP 13 Evolutive flat ceramic tile are its adaptability and aesthetics.

It is made from Beauvais clay and it has a perfectly smooth surface. 

Double HP 20 flat ceramic tile – visual aspect of a small tile combined with the fitting speed of a double tile. 

Arboise Rectangulaire Jacob flat ceramic tile – ancient art of the French artisans combined with the modern technology. 

It gives an aesthetic look of the flat roofs, specific to the mountains areas. Silicone free natural product.


Arboise Ecaille Jacob flat ceramic tile – exceptional refinement, in perfect harmony with nature. Silicone free natural product. 

Neoplate flat ceramic tile – flat tile that reinvents the fitting manner.

35% time saving for the fitting.