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Shaped ceramic tile

H 10 shaped ceramic tile is the best solution for making your house beautiful at an advantageous price!

It allows the fitting on low slope roofs.

Panne H2 Huguenot shaped tile is a versatile tile that catches the eye due to its seducing profile.

A successful model in France for more than 20 years. 

Artoise shaped ceramic tile can be easily fitted due to its double size as compared to the classic tile. Fascinating personality in tune with you! 

Double Panne S shaped tile gives the roof the classic aspect of the houses from the Alps.

Traditional and efficient beauty for this type of fitting! 

Original and ambitious, the Diamond ceramic tile transforms your roof into a jewel. 

Rhona 10 ceramic tile – Modern design, style and personality statement. It allows the fitting on low slope roofs. 

PV 10 Huguenot ceramic tile – Classic elegance reinterpreted in contemporaneous style!

It allows the fitting on low slope roofs.

PV 13 Huguenot ceramic tile is a reference model for the old fashioned houses. 

Recommended for renovations. It can be fitted linearly or woven.