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Low costs when using Brikston bricks

As early as the design stage you can calculate the exact quantity of bricks required, by using the specialised software on the Practical page, avoiding thus any material surplus.

When building with the se materials, working time is shorter (due to larger formats) and lees mortar is required per cubic meter of masonry. The quantities of rebar and concrete used can also be lower, due to the very high compressive strength of our products. Moreover, you can build without thermal insulation materials, due to the goods insulation qualities of the Brikston bricks.

No costly materials are needed for finishing, either, as the Brikston wall has an excellent geometric accuracy – it uses the lowest accepted margins.

In the long term, maintenance costs are lower, because thermal insulation is better. Also, in the long term, your house is earthquake resistant, does not require costly consolidation works and does not lose its value.