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Rules to observe when building masonry walls

These are the rules that need to be observed when building masonry walls:

  • before use, the blocks must be wetted;
  • the walls must be built starting from a corner, laying the blocks on a mortar bed levelled to the desired thickness;
  • the interlacing must be made staggering the vertical gaps at half a brick length or at least at 10 cm in the case of blocks; in depth, staggering must be done at half the length of the brick or of the block;
  • the thickness of the horizontal mortar layer is 12 mm, and that of the vertical layer is 10 mm;
  • the horizontal and vertical gaps must be filled with mortar along the entire thickness of the wall, less a space of 10-15 mm from the face of the wall, in order to ensure a good adherence of rendering;
  • any reinforcements consisting of tie-columns must be installed before starting the masonry work. As the wall progresses, the horizontal girders will be inserted in the gaps;
  • the mortar must be of general use, minimum class M5.