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The Brikston brick is beneficial to health

Construction materials have a strong impact on health and on the quality of life in any home. Pollution does not stop at the door! 45% of houses in Europe are considered damp and 40% of their inhabitants suffer as a result of this. Damp walls means a lack of comfort and an unpleasant aesthetic aspect. Besides, dampness encourages the proliferation of fungi (which cause allergies), of mites and other insects, and is known to exacerbate respiratory disorders (caused both by allergy and infection), especially in the case of children.

The Brikston brick is beneficial to health, because:

  • it does not release volatile organic compounds, either in normal conditions or during fire
  • does not contain fibres that, once released into the air and inhaled, can build up in lung tissue
  • it is not radioactive
  • it does not contain any organic material or water that microorganisms and fungi could feed on.

If it is not covered with waterproof materials, the brick wall can "breathe". The brick's small open pores help water diffuse; humidity in the room is absorbed and eliminated to the outside, and the walls remain dry irrespective of season, ensuring a comfortable interior climate.

Only natural materials are used in order to manufacture Brikston ceramic blocks. The Brikston brick does not contain organic substances, it cannot release volatile organic compounds and it does not contain any other hazardous substances.

As a rule, due to the high thermal resistance of walls built with Brikston bricks, the walls can breathe, as they do not have to be covered with additional, heat-insulating materials. As we know, a wall that breathes is never damp, and it does not run the risk of developing moulds.